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Oct 2013

Slider and Cablecam

I got a chance to take the dynamic perception slider out for a shoot about a month ago in western North Carolina. It was a little rainy but cleared up enough to shoot a sample or two. We set up a couple of shots at Wisemans View them went towards Boone for the night shots. The setup takes a little longer than I would like, but you have to hand calculate a lot of the movement. I'm still planning on setting up some shots in Seneca Rocks soon. Collin and I setting up the slider at Wisemans View.

Slider with Merlin head- Test 2 from Lee Gillenwater on Vimeo.

We also got a chance to fly the Scarlet on the Cablecam last month. Fully loaded the rig is around 30 pounds. In this setup, we have the rig flying about 200 feet reaching a speed of about 40mph.We are flying the Scarlet in a basic setup sending a wireless feed back to a small HD field monitor.

Cablecam test with Red Scarlet from Lee Gillenwater on Vimeo.